7th Feb 2019
Venue visit for operating surgeons – 5pm Transfer from Hotel Marriott, Indore to Rejuvenate Hair transplant Centre 2/1 RS BHANDARI MARG, JANJEER WALA CHOURAHA, NEAR SHALBY HOSPITAL, INDORE AT 5 pm.
Return at 7-30 pm followed by dinner at Marriott

The Scientific program
Pre-Conference Live Surgery Workshop on hair transplantation 8th Feb 2019 (from 7am to 1pm)

a. Conference 8th (from 2 pm to 5 pm), 9th (9am to 5 pm) and 10th (up to 2pm) February 2019

8th Feb 2019
Pre-Conference Live Operative Workshop
Time: 8am to 1 pm
Transfer for Operating surgeons – Start from Marriott at 6-30 am,8Feb 2019
Transfer for delegates of workshop – Start from Marriott at 7 am, 8Feb 2019

Workshop Venue: Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Center. 2/1, Near Nagar Nigam Shops, R.S. Bhandari Marg, Janjeerwala Chouraha, New Palasia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452003

Learner objectives
The live operative workshop is aimed at all levels basic, intermediate and advanced levels and learning objectives include:
– Compare, contrast and examine FUT-strip and FUE for patient indications and suitability
– Combine both methods on the same patient to achieve the best results
– Understand different techniques of creating recipient sites and implantation
– Explore and define harvesting from non-scalp areas and how these donor areas could be used to supplement scalp donor availability and change eligibility criteria for patients with poor scalp donor areas
– Analyze each step of the hair transplant process, focusing on quality
– Learn more about restoring hair in non-scalp areas.

Orientation LECTURES:
Before the surgeries in the workshop begin there will be 4 min lectures on the following topics to orient the delegates for the workshop.

Speakers: The orientation lectures will be delivered by members of the surgical team, workshop co-ordinators and members of the national faculty.

Lectures to begin at 7-30 am
Topics for the lectures:
1. Patient assessment w.r.t. defining the hair loss problem and assessing the donor capabilities.
2. Counselling points
3. Pre-operative preparation –
4. Anesthesia for scalp donor and recipient area
5. Anesthesia for Beard harvesting and chest harvesting
6. Understanding instrumentation for FUE
7. Post op care

The scientific committee will prepare the presentation for the above topics with consensual agreement and this will be provided in hard copy and soft copy to the workshop delegates.

WORKSHOP: To begin at 8 am
There will three operating theatres running simultaneously, specific steps will be demonstrated by the operating surgeons. The Faculty will be assisted by trained assistants from Rejuvenate Hair Transplant center.
As the approaches and techniques would differ between surgeons, it is the aim of this workshop to highlight these differences for the delegates and therefore the same step may be repeated by two different surgeons to show the different ways to achieve the same end.
Workshop Coordinators:

a. In the OTs:
Dr. Mayank Singh
Dr. Sukhbir
Dr. Kumaresan

b. In the hall with the audience
Dr Mysore Venkatram
Dr. Asim Shahmalak
Dr. Sandeep Sattur

Workshop Operating surgeons:
International Faculty National Faculty
Dr. Robert True Dr. Ramachandran
Dr. Márcio Crisóstomo Dr. Anil Garg
Dr. Sanusi Umar Dr. Kapil Dua
Dr. Roberto Trivellini Dr. Aman Dua
Dr. Rajendrasingh Rajput
Dr Manoj Khanna
Dr. Narendra Patwardhan
Theatre 1:
Co-ordinator: Dr Mayank Singh
Case 1 A combination of strip harvest with FUE
Operating Surgeon Steps to be demonstrated
1. Dr. Márcio Crisóstomo Planning of combined strip harvest and FUE from scalp
Anesthesia of donor area
Part strip harvest and closure
2. Dr Manoj Khanna Part Strip Harvest
Slivering and Graft dissection
2. Dr. Ramachandran FUE from scalp
3. Dr. Ramachandran Recipient site creation and implantation
4. Dr. Trivellini Demonstrate FUE with his system
Theatre 2:
Co-ordinator: Dr Sukhbir
Case 2 FUE from beard for scalp restoration
Operating Surgeon Steps to be demonstrated
1.           Dr. Anil Garg Beard FUE – Anesthesia and Harvest  Part 1
2. Dr. Robert True Beard FUE – Anesthesia and Harvest Part 2
3. Dr. Aman Dua Recipient site creation and implantation
4. Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput Stick and Place Implantation
Theatre 3:
Co-ordinator: Dr Kumaresan
Case 3 FUE from Chest
Operating Surgeon Steps to be demonstrated
1. Dr Sanusi Umar Anesthesia and FUE Chest
2. Dr Kapil Dua Anesthesia and FUE from Chest
3. DR. Kapil Dua Recipient site creation and implantation
4. Dr. Patwardhan Recipient site creation and Implantation

Transfer from Rejuvenate Centre to Marriott at 1-10 pm
Lunch 1-30 pm to 2 pm for workshop delegates
For those delegates not attending the workshop lunch will begin at 1 pm